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Snails as indicators

I have snails in vutually every tank I have. I don't mind them much as they
cause me no problems. I was wondering though if they could be used as
indicators of calcium diffiency. All my ramshorns have very healthy red shells
that are semi transparent when held up to a light. 
	In my 140 gallon plant tank there shell are different. I have an earth, sand,
gravel substrate. I have plenty of light and add DIY CO2. I do not add any
pmdd but have a moderate fish load that is well fed. I run a magnum canister
filter with biobeads inside.The plants and fish are all living and growing
happy with no signs of diffiency. pH stays in the low to mid 7 range
	The snails in this tank all have white shells. they are not transparent and
look kind of crumbly but are still very hard and durable. Is this a sign of
too little or too much calcium? Could it be the CO2 reacting with there shells?