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Re: Banana Plant

<< Can someone give me some more information about the 'banana plants' that I
 regularly see at pet stores?  The ones with the tuber/root cluster thingies
 that resemble small banana clusters. Do they grow tall or keep small?

Wow, something about PLANTS on the Aquatic Plants list!  Nymphoides aquatica,
called "Banana Plant" in the aquarium hobby but known as Fairy Water Lily in
the horticultural world.  The roots really should be planted in the substrate
for the long-term health of the plant.  If planted in a high light situation
the plant will start developing surface leaves (it's closely related to the
Water Snowflake popular in pond culture).  If you want the leaves to stay
submerged keep it in a lower light situation -- such as a tank where the
surface is heavily covered with a floating plant like Water Sprite, or (gasp!)
a tank that simply has inadequate lighting.

N. aquatica, a true aquatic, is native to eastern North America and is listed
as winter-hardy to Zone 7.

Dean Sliger
Deansliger at aol_com