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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #122

Regarding the lights in the Eclipse hoods:

I have two Eclipse hoods, one each for a 25H and a 20H tanks.  These came with
a total of 30W of lights.  I knew that this wasn't enough for these tanks,
especially the 25.  I recently bought a 15W under-the-cabinet kitchen light
for about $11.  By removing the cover and taking a coping saw to the plastic
cover I easily fit it to the back of the hood against the filter compartment.
I attached it by drilling two holes through the top of this compartment (above
the pump and the filter wheel) and tying it with wire (could also have used
rivets).  The light is about an inch above the water and there is no glass or
plastic to block the light.  I moved the ballast to outside the tank by adding
a short length of wire because I was concerned that the high humidity might
harm it.  I placed the ballast in a plastic jar full of holes (for heat
dissipation) to avoid accidental electrocution.  By doing this with a 20W tube
you could get a total of 54W, almost to the reasonable ideal of 2W/gal.