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Re: Water Temperature

>On a similar note, my heater and thermometer show a temperature
>difference of about 6 degrees (thermometer shows a higher temp).  Since
>the heater is a 26 dollar brand name vs. the 2 dollar thermometer, I'm
>inclined to believe the heater.  My question is, is there an aquarium
>thermometer that has a reputation for accuracy?

>On yet another similar note, Radio Shack is selling digital
>indoor/outdoor thermometers for about 12 bucks.  I was thinking of using
>it as a water thermometer.  Has anyone tried this?

I have a heater similar to yours set at 78F, an outside stick on type
thermometer which says about 84F and a couple weeks ago got the $12
indoor/outdoor thermometer from Radio Shack. The Radio Shack thermometer
says 82.6F right now. The temperature varies throughout the day by about a
degree and also is affected by the room temperature. I think the Radio Shack
thermometer is probably the most accurate. It's probe is waterproof and
works great, and it's easy to hide behind a plant or filter since it's so
small. How would I test the accuracy for sure?