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Re:Water temperature

>Hari wrote:
>>>On a similar note, my heater and thermometer show a temperature
>difference of about 6 degrees (thermometer shows a higher temp). 
>Since the heater is a 26 dollar brand name vs. the 2 dollar
>thermometer, I'm inclined to believe the heater.  
>I would believe the reading on the $2 thermometer before the setting
>on the heater.
>>>On yet another similar note, Radio Shack is selling digital
>indoor/outdoor thermometers for about 12 bucks.  I was thinking of
>using it as a water thermometer.  Has anyone tried this?
>I use one and it works fine.

Where are the science guys when you need them? As long as you know how 
far off a device is you can still measure with it, it just needs a little 
more math. Get a cooks instant read thermometer. They are designed to be 
calibrated. At sea level either boiling water or ice slurry will work. 
(In Denver you have to do a little more math if you opt for the boiling 
water trick.) Now that you have a well calibrated standard just test the 
other devices against it and away you go....... The other way is spend a 
lot more bucks on a lab grade thermometer, most cant be calibrated so who 
do you trust. I don't suggest you put your aquarium thermometer in the 
boiling water. (The kid next door did when I suggested much the same 
thing to him.)

Best To You........

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