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Plants dying/ Religous sigs

WOOPS! Hit the send button by mistake! Let me try again:

I have set up my first "REAL" planted tank. It is a 60 gallon with a clay
substrate with fertilizer and #3 sandblasting sand over that. I have 120
watts of lighting/12 hours a day, DIY Co2. The water is 7.4 pH (before Co2,
have not checked since then) and moderate hardness.

I bought plants form Aquatic Plants and they all looked good when I received
them. Planted then as instructed and a lot of them have died. I would like
some input here.

Here is what I have and what is happening:

Red Temple -- Alive but seem to be just sitting there
Java fern -- Doing fine
Dwarf Sag -- looked bad and dropped lot of leaves but starting to see new
Corkscrew -- all dead (other tank fine)
Bolbitis fern -- looks dead, the one in the other tank is putting on new
Red melon sword -- seems to be hanging in but not looking good
Dwarf melon swords -- died back put out new growth, then one of two died

I placed a few of these in another tank at the same time and they seem to do
much better. The only things that I can see different in the  two tanks is
that 20G has 60 watts of incandescent light and no Co2 vs. 60G has 120 watts
Fluorescent light and Co2. The 60G stays around 78-80 degrees because of the
ballast's in the hood while the 20G is 74 degrees. Could the temp be the
problem? Substrate is the same and everything else as far as I can tell.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


As for the religious signature debate, I don't know if that was directed at
my signature or not. Quite frankly I don't care. As a Christian I don't want
to see anyone not go to heaven. If it makes one person think and saves them
from hell it is worth all the abuse I may get.

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