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Re: Simone's thoughts about substrate

>I know that Karen Randall has very good results using laterite and also
>George Booth but I had only poor results using only laterite as suggested<

        I have also had a difficult time with my gravel/laterite (sans UG
heating) set up. It has suffered from some sort of deficiency all along. In
an effort to save some of my plant stock I began potting specimens in
plastic deli tubs with 1" soil soup/peat amendment under 2" gravel. These
plants are doing very well while the rest of the tank continues to
        Noting this success I began to put some soil potted specimens in my
grow-out utility tank and can report vigorous growth without Co2
supplementation while adding only fish food. Now I find my self seriously
considering a new soil/peat substrate tank with this strong evidence
towards the merits of Diana Walstad's method.

Jeff Kropp