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Green Water

Noel wrote re darkening his tank to eliminate green water:  >>>My only
concern is that it might harm the plants in the tank at the moment. Any
comments or personal observations on that? I'm especially worried about
the fast growers like the Hygro. polysperma.>>>

No, your plants will come through just fine, including H. poly and other
fast growers.  This is definitely an area where vascular plants seem to
have an edge on unicellular algae.  The algae will be wiped out entirely
and your plants won't even look worse for the wear.  Karen Randall would
add the caution not to feed your fish during this period, in order not
to add any excess nutrients to the water column, as the algae will die
off and add some nutrients.  I don't doubt for a minute that the fish
can take a 4 day fast, but I found myself feeling sorry for my rainbows
and knowing how the little darlings love blood worms, I snuck in and
gave them half rations -- for which they were grateful. <g>

Let us know how it works out.  Keep the tank completely dark.  No
photoperiod at all.  Steve Dixon