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DIY W/D filter idea for small tanks

I recently set up a 20 gal planted aquarium /w fish, and while
researching what type of filter to use was impressed with the W/D. But,
as a DIY project I couldn't see setting up a 10 gal sump for my 20 gal
aquarium, or spending $200 for a store bought one. So, I converted an
old automatic drip coffee pot into a small one. The attached picture
really helps the explination, but I will try a simple text description.
I took all of the heating and other electrical components out, and
disconnected the bottom half of the setup (it was just held together
with a couple of screws). This left me with the initial water storage
area IWSA, and the swing away coffee/filter cup. The IWSA had two holes
in the bottom of it. One of these holes had a tube attached to it which
ran to the drip mechanism above the filter cup. So, I attached a power
filter output (otto 400) with a sponge pre-filter to this input. Then, I
drilled a hole for a 1/2" piece of pvc in the bottom of the filter cup.
I ran the pvc back into the IWSA which drained the water back into the
tank via the other hole (mine is mounted directly above the tank so that
no additional plumbing was neccessary. Of course translated this makes
the filter cup the place to put your filter materia (your bio tower) and
the IWSA your sump. I took one of those little plastic slatted pots
which my plants came in and taped it to the bottom (intake) of the power
head and put a sponge inside there to use as a pre filter. Another small
note, I used a small piece of sponge to block the hole in the bottom of
the bio tower so that the filter material would not fall out. The
attached picture makes this so much clearer. 

Anyway, I was wondering if the 2-3 cups of filter material in the bio
tower would be enough ( I am currently using small gravel from another
tank to help cycle the aquarium and then plan to slowly switch to bio
balls). I  could fill the sump with filter material as well. Any
constructive ideas, comments, or suggestions would be greatly
appreciated. And, I apologize for the length of this post.

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