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Re: Green Water

>From: "Dixon, Steven" <stdixon at bechtel_com>
>Subject: Green Water
>Noel Llopis asked about a persistent cloudy water problem.
>My comment applies only to 'green water.'  
>Darkening the tank with a dark blanket for 4 days knocked the green
>water out completely -- the water was sparkling clear -- and it has
>remained so for about 4 months now.  If you think your problem is a
>green algae bloom, give it a try.  It has worked for several of us.

When I get a green water bloom in anything bigger than a 10-15gal tank, I
use my SYSTEM ONE diatom filter.... the greatest aquarium appliance since
the development of the all glass aquarium. This filter is self priming,
filters out the suspended algae and other micron size particles in
minutes... when concentrations are high, the flow will slow and a second
application may be needed... sometimes I let it run the second time for an
hour or so to really clear the water column.   I also run mine after I
disturb the substrate to instantly remove any suspended clay particles and
avoid getting an algae bloom. This takes the worry out of playing in the
tank <g>. The water becomes sparkling clear and the plants immediately
start to pearl O2.

Neil Frank, AGA