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Re:Too Much?

Jennifer wrote:
>Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone will have had the same experience and
can help. I have a 77 gal., filtered by a canister and an UGF. My
plants were doing really well and now have suddenly stopped growing. I
use PMDD and Jobes sticks and thought at first it was a lack of
something but now am beginning to wonder if it's too much. I have 4 GE
Chroma's above and was using 2 ml of PMDD. Most of my plants are stem
plants such as Mayaca,Rotala, Ludwigia,etc. but there are some Apo's
and swords. I know the nitrates are 25 ppm, Ph 7, phos .5 ppm, and the
iron is.5. I am beginning to get a fair amount of hair algae and black
brush inspite of the fact I have 3 SAE and 5 otos.
Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

I think your nitrates are too high. Also some nitrate kits read low
and your nitrate levels might actually be even higher. I had a similar
type algae problem when I allowed my nitrates to drift up to 40-50ppm.
A few days in a row of 30% water changes followed by few changes every
other day cured the problem within a few weeks and the algae never
You may be getting nitrates leaching from the Jobes sticks. Also make
sure your using PMDD without the KNO3.

Jim Spencer
Sayre, PA

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