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Green Water

Noel Llopis asked about a persistent cloudy water problem.

My comment applies only to 'green water.'  It can be light green, but
it's still greenish.  My experience has been that a green water problem
can persist long after all the initial conditions which caused the green
water problem have been corrected.  It just seems to be able to hang on.
 I was changing 50% of the water a couple times a week with almost no
fertilizers and couldn't knock it out.  It would be a very light shade
of green and then come back day by day.  

Darkening the tank with a dark blanket for 4 days knocked the green
water out completely -- the water was sparkling clear -- and it has
remained so for about 4 months now.  If you think your problem is a
green algae bloom, give it a try.  It has worked for several of us.

Good luck, Steve Dixon