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Re: Nitrates in Natrual Waters

<<<<Also, the nitrate levels in natural eco-systems (be it the Amazon River or
the tropical reef) are near 0 ppm.  A well-balanced ecological system will
use nearly all of the available nutrients.  Excess nutrients is an indication
of an out of balanced biological system.  10 ppm of nitrate would only be
found in polluted waters.>>>>

It would help to know who said this and what literature, if any, he was

>ive heard some people say that zero nitrates in a planted tank isnt
necessarily a good thing and a nitrate level of 10 ppm or less is good for
the plants.<

I have one heavily planted tank which consistently shows a nitrate (NO3)
residual of about 4 mg/L due to the fish load.  This tank has no algae,
crystal clear water, and healthy plants.   I have another heavily planted
tank which has a light fish load and therefore runs a nitrate deficit.  If I
don't dose with KNO3 I begin to see algae developing.   I add a commercial
iron containing aquarium fertilizer once a week to both tanks in very small
doses.  Lately, I have been dealing with a fish stress problem in the second
tank, but think it may be due to CO2 induced pH swings (KH=3 to 4 degrees). 
The other factor I cannot discount is that the fish were not well when I
bought them.  My LFS says that he recently changed suppliers for some of the
fish and they are dying in his tanks too.  The 3 emperor tetras I bought the
other day are doing great, but the rummy noses and black neons are having a
rough time.


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