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Re: Nupro valves

Bruce wrote:

>I hate to ask but who , where, can I order a needle valve from. The
Swagelok site, BTW, doesn't seem to function for Nupro ordering. I get
a pretty picture
of a valve but no specific name or order info. I mailed them and no
reply either. Thomas register has zillions of valves, but again a
swamp and nupro
keeps turning up toothbrushes from J&J. I ordered a regulator with the
gauges I want from a home brewing co. Thanks for that tip, worked out
just fine.

The Swagelok site has a "who to call" link.  If you follow that you
will get the distributor for your area based on your ZIP code. Call
them and they will sell to individuals if you charge to a charge card.
 You are looking for metering valves.  The S series is the finest and
probably what you want.  The M series is the next one up and also will
work.  One turn of a M series is about 8 turns on the S series. Within
a series they have too many types to list here. A few types are

B-SS4 straight 1/4" swagelok fittings
B-SS4-A angled 1/4" swagelok fittings

B-4MA angled 1/4" swagelok
B-4MA2 angled male npt 
B-MG straight 1/4" swagelok
B-MG2 straight male npt
Replace the B with SS if you want stainless steel.

I have the catalog- E-mail me if you need more details.

Jim Spencer
Sayre, PA

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