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Phosphates in planted tank

Hi all...  I'm new to this list.

Anyway, do phosphates inhibit plant growth?  I've heard they contribute to hair algae growth.  If I filter out the phosphates and silicates using some special filter medium, would that be detrimental to plants?  Would it change the general hardness or carbonate hardness? And, would it affect the pH level? My water values are as follows:

General hardness = 50 ppm
KH = 2 to 3
pH = 6.0 - 6.5
inorganic phosphates = 3 ppm
nitrite = 0
ammonium = less than 0.05 mg/L

I'm trying to grow amazon swords, radican swords, pygmy chain swords, anubias nana, giant bacopa and java fern. I add Duplaplant 24 every day.  I've also got a yeast CO2 injector which I'm experimenting with.  What parameters should I change to get optimum plant growth?

Thanks and catchya later

Noel Sampol
Sydney, Australia
noels at chilli_net.au