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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #111

Hydro-static testing is a procedure that cylinder filling plants use to
pressure test cylinders after a period of time has elapsed.  The last date
of testing is usually stamped into the top "collar" area of the tank - where
it transitions from straight vertical walls to the radius of its neck.

Water is pumped into an empty tank under very high pressure and held for a
time.  It the tank is bad or corroded from the inside out as CO2 cylinders
do after a while (carbonic acid corrosion from CO2 product) it will "let go"
spectacularly inside a testing well.

Your tank should be one that the filler tests periodically or has an
obligation to test periodically.  This explains why we "lease" cylinders to
customers:  we are responsible for this test at no charge to the leasee and
each time he brings in his empty we exchange it for one of ours from our
pool of identical cylinders.  This also explains the posting from one member
who asked why companies refused to pump his tank - either it wasn't from
their pool and they didn't want to get stuck with it, or it was an
unconventional tank that they did not want to put on their filling line.