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Re: Low-tech hair algae"

Roger Miller wrote:

Second, one of my kids has a 10 gallon tank lit with 1 15 watt GE PL/AQ
bulb (on for maybe 18 hours/day) and a little north light; UGF, no
fertilizer, no CO2.  She probably changes about 30%/month but she's a
little erratic that way.  She keeps a moderate fish load; a few danios
until they all dropped off at the age of 2 1/2 years, and now no danios,
but 6 juvenile tiger barbs and a dwarf frog.  She has C. wendtii, A.
barteri nana, H. polysperma, hornwort and (here's the problem) *lots* of
hair algae.

I've seen hair algae in similar tanks in sunlight, but never before with
only 15 watts of normal flourescents.  She puts a reasonable amount of
effort into the tank.  Any ideas how she can keep the hair algae down
without even larger applications of elbow grease?


Try to get a pair (or just two) American Flag Fish or a small Scat.  This
will take care of your hair algae problem!

Good luck!