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Hair Algae

Roger Miller asked:

>Any ideas how she can keep the hair algae down
>without even larger applications of elbow grease?


If you mean "hair algae" as the long-flowing, thin, green filament-type
algae, as opposed to the black, thicker beard/thread algae, I have had very
good success with a number of algae eaters.  I have some that were called
"Thailand" algae eaters which I think are probably the infamous "Chinese"
algae eaters which become aggressive with age. However, the ones I have are
still young and vigorously attack all kinds of algae (except the
beard/thread type). I also have some common plecos (not pl*cos) that do a
good job on hair algae, but I would not recommend them because they do eat
on the broad-leafed plants. I have heard that bristled nosed plecos are okay
though.  And, of course, SAEs will eat hair algae too.  Others have said
that some platties and mollies eat it too, but I don't have those, so I
won't comment.

So, a nice combination of algae eaters will probably do the trick.

Ken Guin
Kenguin at homemail_com