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Re: Bleach treatment Question

Another method which Paul K suggested to me is to add a couple of cups
of bleach to your aquarium full of water. Of course, everything else
(fish, plants, ornaments, substrate, equipment) should be removed from
the aquarium. You cover the top with plastic wrap or a glass top to
minimize the fumes and drain it out and rinse well the next day.

A note of caution: plastic items like filters do not tolerate extended
bleach exposure; the plastic breaks down and becomes fragile and cracks
very easily. Rubber seals can also disintegrate. For removing algae on
filters and stuff, I scrub them well with a tooth brush and then wash
with a dilute bleach solution for about 10 minutes.

Paul has also described bleaching aquarium gravel however I was not able
to get the bleach out after hours of rinsing. It didn't turn out to be
cost effective in terms of effort. My water is very soft so maybe that
had something to do with not being able to neutralize the bleach.