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Thanks and low-tech hair algae

First, I'd like to thank George and Paul for their feedback on barclaya
longifolia.  I guess I'll stop clipping off and throwing away flower
buds just because they don't open in a reasonable time!

Second, one of my kids has a 10 gallon tank lit with 1 15 watt GE PL/AQ
bulb (on for maybe 18 hours/day) and a little north light; UGF, no
fertilizer, no CO2.  She probably changes about 30%/month but she's a
little erratic that way.  She keeps a moderate fish load; a few danios
until they all dropped off at the age of 2 1/2 years, and now no danios,
but 6 juvenile tiger barbs and a dwarf frog.  She has C. wendtii, A.
barteri nana, H. polysperma, hornwort and (here's the problem) *lots* of
hair algae.

I've seen hair algae in similar tanks in sunlight, but never before with
only 15 watts of normal flourescents.  She puts a reasonable amount of
effort into the tank.  Any ideas how she can keep the hair algae down
without even larger applications of elbow grease?

Roger Miller

In Albuquerque, where its cool and sunny, and we're moving quickly into
the windy/dusty Martian Weather season.