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Great planted tank fish

     One of my favorite fish in my 90 gallon planted tank is an African 
     butterfly fish, Pantodon buchholzi.  These fellows were made for 
     planted tanks.  
     They are ambush predators, and love to hang out under leaves or other 
     floating plants under the surface where there is little water current. 
     They don't seem too interested in small fish, but relish insects--mine 
     nails most of the insects attracted to the aquarium lights, especially 
     the crane flies that are so prevalent here in the spring.  With their 
     upturned mouths, they really have a hard time feeding on anything NOT 
     on the surface.  Mine has learned to eat floating fish pellets, 
     especially Doromin, when the insect supply gets low.
     They are jumpers, so you need at least a partial cover.  They can and 
     will leap out of the water to nab an insect.  It's a rather handsome 
     fish, and has amazing camoflage when viewed from above.  The 
     fliamentous extensions on their ventral fins and long caudal fin is 
     striking.  This would be a great paludarium fish.