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CO2 cylinder problem- continued

        I sent this message once before but did not see it.

 In a long past post, some else did the same thing I described, with the same
valve I used... and he's still alive... I think. Safety is not a problem, im sure,
by the way
it is set up, nothing short of metering valve failure would cause a problem.    I
dont know
much about valves yet, but from what I think I know, this overall setup is safer
than one
with a regulator (regulators are tested for 3000 PSI, this valve is good for
5000!). As soon
as it drops below 800 PSI I'll get it refilled, because this is near empty anyway.
$50-60 is
not much, but for a poor High School student, that's big bucks! Why do you think
that I'm
trying to find someone to refill my Parson's cylinder instead of buying a new
one?    Thanks
for your advice, I'll buy a regulator when I get the money, and do it like
everyone else. But
I probably will not have any money till I graduate and get a job... 8 years from
hmmmmm. 8^)
"Never let your schooling get in the way of your education." Mark Twain
I'm a high
school student, of course I love this quote!!

> This is not a very good idea. You have the potential for a real
> disaster.  You are dealing with about 800psi and you really want the
> strong connection you get with the regulator.  Also as the bottle
> pressure drops you are going to have to keep changing your valve
> setting. The regulator will hold the pressure constant until the
> bottle is almost empty. The safety and consistency the regulator adds
> is well worth the $50-$60 it costs.