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A question has been bugging me and I can't sleep. The apd is boring
lately so here is my question:

"Why do we participate in the aquatic plant digest and with other
organizations like local aquatic clubs and the Aquatic Gardeners

To save about a hundred responses all the same, I'll supply the first

1) to learn new techniques for growing aquatic plants and thus to
improve the aesthetic beauty of my own aquariums.

1a) to make my personal aquariums a healthier place for my fish.

Speaking personally, its not about being profitable although the thought
of being able to quit the rat race and make a living from something that
is also a great pleasure is attractive. To be honest, I like
contributing as much or more than the learning aspects of the APD. I
already know -how- to grow plants pretty well and its hard to learn
aquascaping techniques from the APD for making my aquarium look more
beautiful. On a needs level, I suppose self-actualization is part of it.
So, assuming that helping out the aquatic plant growing community at
large and spreading knowledge of aquatic plants to new people means
something to me personally, leads me to my next question: "how?" But
I'll leave that for the moment while you ponder the first question. BTW,
its a trick question; thinking about it is more important than giving an
answer. ;-)

Steve            pondering the Zen-ness of aquariums