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Re:CO2 cylinder problem- follow up.

ucmagguy wrote;

>>Update: There is still a small amount of CO2 in the bottle, I will
use this until I find someone who will fill it. I called around to
other gas suppliers today, I have not yet found anyone who fills them. 

I find it hard to believe that you can't find a place to refill a CO2
cylinder. Are you calling welding supply places? I live in a very
small town and found 3 places within 20 miles that will refill CO2
cylinders while you wait.

>>The Parker metering valve was rated for 5000 PSI, so I skipped the
regulator altogether, and connected my needle valve directly and use
some of the sealant to completely eliminate leaks, it seems to work
just fine.

This is not a very good idea. You have the potential for a real
disaster.  You are dealing with about 800psi and you really want the
strong connection you get with the regulator.  Also as the bottle
pressure drops you are going to have to keep changing your valve
setting. The regulator will hold the pressure constant until the
bottle is almost empty. The safety and consistency the regulator adds
is well worth the $50-$60 it costs.

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