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Bleach treatment question

I have a large plastic tub (about 18 gallons) that I use to do water changes
My tank has several types of algae, including thread, spot, hair, and a few
other types, and these of course are in the water that goes into the tub. I
would like to sterilize this tub with regards to algae and was wondering if
simply filling it with chlorinated tapwater and letting it sit overnight would
do the job (particularly with regards to the thread algae). If not, would
taking cloth soaked with straight, undiluted bleach and wiping the inside of
the tub do the trick? I just ask because even a 1/20 part bleach treatment
would use a gallon or so of bleach.
Also, how does thread algae proliferate, or spread itself to new areas? Will
its' "method" survive being dried out?

Thanks for any help,