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CO2 cylinder problem- follow up.

The previous story: I bought a 20# cylinder at a flea market. There is a "Parson"
engraved on the bottle, which means that it is only on lease. They will not fill it
for me.

Update: There is still a small amount of CO2 in the bottle, I will use this until I
find someone who will fill it. I called around to other gas suppliers today, I have
not yet found anyone who fills them. Someone mentioned that fire places will refill
as you wait. What are fire place? Do you mean fire department? Or places that sell
things for fire safety? I called my fire department today, they say that they don't
refill. I know a person who swears they do.

My setup: I paid $22 a "Parker" needle valve (actually, it is called a metering
valve) and connected it to the regulator. The darn regulator was so busted that it
started to leak for all directions when I tested it. The O-ring was also cracked so I
went to a local hardware store and got a new one. I also bought a tube of
"RectoRseal." The Parker metering valve was rated for 5000 PSI, so I skipped the
regulator altogether, and connected my needle valve directly and use some of the
sealant to completely eliminate leaks, it seems to work just fine.

                                         This connector came from old regulator
                                    [==^==]       |``````````````````|
                                   |`````````````|                       [[[[|||\
                              (||||||                [[[[(|||||]]]]]]]]]]][[[[|||
||||||) [^]
                                   ``````````````   ^                  [[[[|||/ /
Parson  \
                                          ^            |                     ^
|                |
                                          |        Sealant                 |
|                |
                                          |                                    |
|                |<--- Problem bottle
                                          |                               O-ring
*Not to scale          metering valve

* Hope it is helpful... took me a looong time draw...   8^)