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Care and maintenance of barclaya longifolia?

Hi.  The subject pretty much capsulizes my question.  

I've go a couple b. longifolia that I bought as bulbs (or tubers,
whatever).  They grew into beautiful, delicate plants, spread out a lot
and are busily trying to bloom. 

So far they have put seven buds up on stalks - one got above the surface,
and the rest stopped below it.  None of the buds have opened.  They start
to open, then stop developing.  What do I need to do to get them to open? 
Do they need to go entirely above the surface to bloom?  Is there a limit
to how high the stalks can reach?  Mine are in 15 inches of water. 

The plants have put a lot of energy into putting up the flower stalks and
in the mean time some of the older leaves are dropping.  Is this normal? 
Can I expect the plants to go dormant after a while?  If so, will it be
necessary to take the tubers out and give them a resting period, or will 
they do it on their own?

Roger Miller