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Re: Semi-Automatic CO2 System/bubble rate

Andy wrote;
>>Hi all,I have a semi-automatic CO2 system using a pressure bottle,
regulator & decent valve etc.,
My needle valve is of good quality & sturdy (make unknown) but it is
incredibly sensitive. I only have to move the valve eg.2-3 degrees to
make quite a large difference in my PH.

Your valve might be of good quality but clearly it was designed for
much higher flow rates than you require. You really need something
like the Nupro S series valve. The last quote I got on one of these
was $56. BTW your Swagelok distributer will sell these directly to you
by mail order. 

>>Ideally, I want the valve to be less sensitive so that a
quarter-turn would only alter the PH by say 0.3 ? How do I do this ? I
was thinking of turning the output pressure down a little - is this a
idea ? Or, is there a better way ? Thanks !

If you don't want to spend the money for a good valve, get close to
what you want using the valve and then fine adjustments using the
regulator. I keep mine around 10psi. In any event don't be too quick
to make changes or you will never get the thing adjusted. 

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