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Inexpensive sponge filter alternative

I have been reading the thread about people who seem to be very happy with attaching
sponges to their powerheads as a filter source. If I may I would like to mention a
filter that I find to be superior to adding sponges to powerheads. It is the Duetto
and is made by Aquarium Systems. The power heads this company makes are the best I
have ever used and I have several that are still running fine after 5 years or more
of nearly continual use. In any case, the Duetto is a very compact filter that is
basically a power head with a small plastic container attached that can hold various
types of filter media. It is, in effect, a mini internal canister filter. I have used
one of these for about 1.5 years continually and my only complaint is that it tended
to clog after about three months, but this was in a palludarium and the filter intake
was only centimeters from the substrate. The filter comes in two sizes 50 gph and 100
gph ( I think ). Anyway, just thought I'd mention it as they only run around $15.99

Scott McLaughlin