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CO2 cylinders

> From: ucmagguy at inetworld_net
> Here's the story, I went to the local flea market and found a 20 lb
> cylinder. I paid $20 for it. On the bottle was printed G.S. Parson,
> knowing that there is a company in my local area called Parsons AirGas,
> I took it to them. They told me that the bottle I had was out only on
> lease, and that they cannot fill it for me unless I have an account with
> them. They told me that somehow it got to my hands and that I can either
> keep the bottle or they will give me a $5 finder's fee.  Now, $5 seems
> to sound ridiculously low for a cylinder doesn't it? I decided to keep
> it. Now, I'm wondering if other gas suppliers would be willing fill it
> for me. I asked them about the lease, here are the general ideas- you
> must pay $120 to start your lease (the price of the cylinder), and every
> time you get it refilled, you pay $15. I debated to myself if it is
> wrong to keep the cylinder. I decided that I should not feel bad about
> not returning it to them, they must have already made someone pay the
> full price for the cylinder when they leased it out, they are not losing
> anything. And besides, I get suckered into paying $20 for it anyway. 

Not all places do the "lease" thing.  I got my 20 lb cylinder for about
$100, and I own it.  I take it to my local fire extinguisher place, where
they fill it for $10 or so while I wait. Perhaps the lease approach is
more common at the industrial gas places, and you would have better luck
at a fire extinguisher refill place.

  - Erik

Erik Olson				
eriko at wrq.com