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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #107

That Fish Place carries Fluval internal filters and media under
Filters-Submersible.  I don't know what size will fit the powerhead, but the
Fluval #2 Foam Inserts are about 5" long and 2.5" across with the center
hole about 1/2". I use them as a prefilter on the Fluval 203 intake tube
with strainer basket.  Part number from the Summer 97 catalog is 171160, and
a 2-pack is $2.19.

mshea at delta_info.net

>I couldn't find Fluval internal filters nor the filter media (sponges)
>in either the PetWarehouse nor the That Fish Place catalogs - are these
>sold in the USA?  I'm trying to do what Steve does - place a sponge into
>the plastic "cage" holder which is connected to the intake of an
>aquaclear Powerhead (they call the combination a Quickfilter). Anyone
>know which one Steve is using (and is available in the USA?).  Thanks!