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Daily cloudy water cycle

For a week or so now, the two 120 gallon tanks that I have sharing one 
alrge trickle filter (shared water system) have been doing something I 
cannot explain.

First thing in the morning, when the lights come on, the water is very 
clear (but not perfect).  By noon or so they are very, very cloudy (milky, 
not greenish).  By mid afternoon they are much better again, and by the 
evening they are very clear again.

I use MH lighting (350W/tank) and pmdd (as a method, not a recipe).

Both tanks have been running since last summer, but independantly on 
canister filters.  They were put on the trickle filter perhaps 6 or 8 weeks 
ago, and at that time the substrate of one was significantly disturbed by 
extensive replanting.

Can anybody suggest what might be causing this daily clear/cloudy cycle?


The very act of seeking sets something in motion to meet us;
something in the universe, or in the unconscious responds as if
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