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CO2 cylinder problem.

Here's the story, I went to the local flea market and found a 20 lb cylinder. I
paid $20 for it. On the bottle was printed G.S. Parson, knowing that there is a
company in my local area called Parsons AirGas, I took it to them. They told me
that the bottle I had was out only on lease, and that they cannot fill it for me
unless I have an account with them. They told me that somehow it got to my hands
and that I can either keep the bottle or they will give me a $5 finder's fee.
Now, $5 seems to sound ridiculously low for a cylinder doesn't it? I decided to
keep it. Now, I'm wondering if other gas suppliers would be willing fill it for
me. I asked them about the lease, here are the general ideas- you must pay $120
to start your lease (the price of the cylinder), and every time you get it
refilled, you pay $15. I debated to myself if it is wrong to keep the cylinder. I
decided that I should not feel bad about not returning it to them, they must have
already made someone pay the full price for the cylinder when they leased it out,
they are not losing anything. And besides, I get suckered into paying $20 for it

        Please help. Any suggestions, comments, ideas, and criticisms are
welcomed! please respond, I would like any input.