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Poly-Ox/Sponge Filters/ Proper pH

	I remember looking at Poly-Ox some time back.  If memory serves,
it is a Kent product and contains Manganic acid salts. It has quite a long
set of very specific instructions for its safe use, and different
suggested dosages for fresh and salt water.  Given what I remember, and
what I understand about its chemical reactions in water, I would assume it
reacts something like potassium permanganate, and potentially increase
redox values.  Also, I believe it suggests squirting Poly-Ox derectly on
"trouble spots," as well as simply adding it to the aquarium.  I can see
how it should be very effective against bga.  Still, it is something to be
used _very_ prudently, and the warnings on the bottle makes this point
abundantly clear.

	I too like to use powerheads w/ sponge filters in my planted
tanks.  I have used the Hagen powerheads w/ the Quickfilter attachment,
but like Steve, I pull out the filter material they come with because it
clogs too quickly.  I like to cut an Aquaclear sponge down to size with a
very sharp knife, and use that instead.  This material is the least prone
to clogging I have found yet. Recently, however (ie today ;-)), I came
across a sponge filter intended for use as a pre-filter for Penguin
powerheads set up as RUGF.  (#PR 1280 for model 660R).  They look
promising, as they look like they would fit perfectly inside the
Quickfilter, and don't look highly cloggable.  I'll play around with one
and report back.

	Thanks for the correction/clarification on buffers.  Now, anyone
care to tackle the question about phosphates as an algicide, and whether
there are non bio-available phosphates? :-).