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O2 bubbles/whiptail cats

Hi All,
  I've been home longer than usual today so I had the lights
on more that what the timers are set for.  The plants have
really saturated the water with O2 and the water is
practically boiling (well not really, but you get the point
<g>).  Now alot of these bubbles are collecting at surface.
Now my question is can this increase the surface enough to
effect CO2 levels?  I can't imagine doing much about it and
I figure it would be somewhat self regulating (less CO2,
less photosynthesis, less bubbles etc.).  I'm just curious.
  Next I just wanted to pass this along.  I recently added
two whiptailed catfish to my 75 gal plant tank and they have
been doing a number on a stalemated Bluegreen bloom (it
wasn't getting worse anymore and is not growing back :) ).
They have been leaving the stuff alone on the glass so far,
but are cleaning it off of the gravel at an incredible
rate.  They look like Rineloricaria parv to me but I'm not
well versed in ID.  Anyone have experience with them?

Bjorn Straube
Who's bristlenose just dove into a bunch of Java Fern and
let loose enough bubbles to make it look like the water
really is boiling <g>