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Internal Fluvals and George's fish shop story...

David Aiken had written: (in reponse to Steve Pushak's post)

>>...I don't remember the brand name of filter
>>sponges that fit nicely into the plastic holder but maybe someone else
>>is also using this trick. I believe there are a couple of types of
>>sponge filters that just happen to be the right size.

>"I think you'll find some of the Fluval sponges for their internal 
>filters will fit the Hagen AquaClear powerheads."

I couldn't find Fluval internal filters nor the filter media (sponges)
in either the PetWarehouse nor the That Fish Place catalogs - are these
sold in the USA?  I'm trying to do what Steve does - place a sponge into
the plastic "cage" holder which is connected to the intake of an
aquaclear Powerhead (they call the combination a Quickfilter). Anyone
know which one Steve is using (and is available in the USA?).  Thanks!

George Booth had written about his experiences with the petstores in his
area and pointed out that he doesn't have an aquarium club in his city,
made me realize how fortunate I am here in North Carolina, USA.  I
always complain that there's not a single commercial discus breeder in
this state, but hey, Neil Frank had been nice enough to invite me to his
house before to get some plants from him (and I'll see him again at this
weekend's Raleigh Aquarium Society's workshop/ auction) and at last
year's workshop/ auction, I was able to meet Karen Randall briefly. 
(both people are very nice in person!)  Well, I still wish there was a
discus breeder here, but I guess I should stop complaining. :)
Walter P. Wu
chunker at geocities_com

webpage: http://home.att.net/~chunker/
(discus fish, autographs, and photos of China)