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"Mite" killer? (Phyllanthus fluitans)

By dumb luck and observation, Phyllanthus fluitans (a pretty floating plant
that quickly multiplys) was added to three aquariums with "mites".  In a
period of a few weeks, the plants multiplied and the "mites" are gone. 
This plant requires good lighting, but does not do too well in ponds with
bright sunlight.  Koi and Goldfish love to eat this plant in particular.

If someone is having a problem with these little "jumping bugs" on the
surface of their aquariums would like to have some of this plant to try
(and will promise to report results), I will be please to mail some to you.
 This plant can be easily shipped in a brown padded envelope.  The first
few that E-mail me (in the U.S.) will get the plants free.  Please E-mail
to <amc2 at ix_netcom.com> for this purpose and not to the APD.  Results can
be posted on the APD, of course.