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Re: new and need some help


        My name is  William I work for a local pet store in my area as the
resident fish guru. Now most of my experience lies in cichlids (those
wonderful rock movers) and catfish. I would like to provide the best
information to my customers that i can. I currently have 2 tanks up and
running in which i have live plants one is a mess due to the fact that it
had to become a hospital tank for a large oscar (but it does give him
something to play with) the other seems to be doing well with mostly swords
and java fern as the plants just got through a very large alage outbreak. At
this time i have 6 more tanks that I am going to setup as live plant tanks 2
are going to be setup using the amano way and the other four are going to be
my experiment tanks (since amano's products are sky high in cost) Now what i
need for all you wonderful people out there is a substrate formula for the
other four tanks I don't need anything else at this time i will ask for
lighting and other factors as i get to that point but the substrate is where
i'm at now because i need to collect all the ingredients and make sure i got
all the other stuff as i progress to the point of actual setup.
                    _William "otocinclus" Burt