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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #103

>>>I need to buy a new filter for my 29 gallon planted tank, and I
>was wondering if you had any recommendations. <<
>>>I also have a small powerhead in the tank to dissolve CO2
>and increase water circulation.<<
I use the AquaClear foam filters for Powerheads as my only source of 
filtration/water cirulation.
I bought a used 220gal tank and with it came 9 powerheads.  Of course the 
they were not AquaClear (Hagen) powerheads so I had to silcone glue the 
filters to the heads.

The only draw back after 2 months of use is that they take up tank real 
estate.  In the 29 it isn't so bad but the 20H, it is a significant part 
of the tank decorations.

The water output of the heads is still high so I haven't cleaned them yet 
and I have a modest fish load in all  the tanks.

Hope this helps