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Re: Echinodorus classification

I have a copy of Flora Neotropica's Monograph 64 on "The Alismataceae" by
Haynes and Holm-Nielsen that was issued  in 1994. I'm not aware of any
others except Rataj's earlier coverage. 

I am not able to say whether this more recent paper is more authoritative
or not - but in some ways it was helpful for me and in others it was very


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> >An AGA member has written to me seeking a current and authoritative
> >reference to the taxonomy of the genus Echinodorus. If any of you on the
> >aquatic plant digest can suggest a reference, please respond privately
> >or CC the list. About the only idea I have would be to suggest
> >researching a local university library for the Aquatic Botany journal.
> I got this reference from Aquarienpflanzen:
> Haynes, R.R. and L.B. Holm-Nielsen. 1986.  Notes on Echinodorus
> (Alismataceae).  Brittonia 38 (4): 325-332.
> For more recent references, I would go to a library that has Science
> Citation Index and see who has been citing this article during the last
> several years.