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Re: sponge filters on powerheads

On 23/2/98, Stephen Pushak <teban at powersonic_bc.ca> wrote:

>...I don't remember the brand name of filter
>sponges that fit nicely into the plastic holder but maybe someone else
>is also using this trick. I believe there are a couple of types of
>sponge filters that just happen to be the right size.

I think you'll find some of the Fluval sponges for their internal filters 
will fit the Hagen AquaClear powerheads.

>Another trick: when you remove the filter cannister for cleaning, its
>good to put a jar into the aquarium and drop it into the jar so that a
>stream of gunk doesn't flow out when you lift the filter above the water

This is effectively what is "built in" with the Eheim, Fluval, and many 
other internal power filters. They use a sponge filter medium in a 
housing which enables their removal from the tank for cleaning without 
leaving the gunk in the tank.

Actually the best of these internal filters (I only have lengthy 
experience with Eheim internals) are really great filters in that they 
work well, take up little space in the tank, and don't require hanging on 
the outside of the tank or plumbing with hoses, overflows, etc. I think 
they're a really good choice if you want biological filtration in a plant 

Some of the Eheims come with 2 sponges in stackable housings. You can add 
more sponges and houses, or reduce to one sponge, or even run with no 
sponge at all. With these filters you can tailor your flow rate and 
biological filtration capacity to your need.

David Aiken

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