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K test?

Hello all, 
   I was in a garden center this weekend.  Scanning the shelves in browse
mode, I noticed a test kit set for your garden soil.  This was a 4 part
test.  pH, N, P, and what caught my eye, K.  Now this kit sold for 14
bucks, I did not look to see how many tests it ran, or anything else, I was
just surprised to see a test for K.  Now is there some way to measure K
cheaply and effectively that we may have over looked?  Or is this just some
farce, as I have heard that a lot of the home version soils tests can be?
Merely a marketing ploy?  Or maybe this type of test is just so grossly
inaccurate it is not worth the bother.  I am not overly concerned of my K
concentrations, but it would be interesting to see where they are.  And in
one of my tanks that is nitro and PO4 limited, I thought K levels may be a
good indicator of nutrient levels/dose adjustment indicator, but gave up on
that idea as no kits are "cheaply" available.  I don't think my water
company even measured it.  I remember people mentioning that Lamotte has
one, but is the reason that no one else produces one due to

Just an observation,