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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #104

>Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 03:36:39 +0800
>From: Calvin Chin <calvinchin at letterbox_com>
>Subject: Re: Baking Soda to adjust ph 
>I have used baking soda as a kH buffer for as long as I can remember and
>there are no negative effects so far except that when your C02 runs out, pH
>of the water can rise to as much as 7.8, making danger from ammonia
>poisoning very high.
When I first started my 40gallon tank, my pH was up over 8.0 because of the
hardness of the water in the area in which I live.  It was 8.0 even though
I only used 20 gallons of it, along with 20 gallons of R.O. water.  My pH
after 2.5 months is still around 7.6 with frequent water changes.  Despite
my higher pH, I have 0 ammonia readings, thanks to my undergravel and
fluval filters amd my fish are are doing quite well.  (congo tetra's, tri
color sharks)--thats it so far.  I know I wouldnt get them to spawn though,
haha.  I was wondering if anyone knows how to sex tri-color sharks or has
ever heard of breeding success in captivity.  Even my plants, amazon
sword's, java fern, mondo grass, are all doing quite well, despite the fact
that this is a 3month old aquarium.  I am fertilizing with various things
so I think this is helping.  I also am not using any special gravel or
netting of any kind.  Well, I just thought I would share.  I have loved
reading all of your messages, you guys really know your stuff.  I am fairly
new to the hobby-with my own tank, and also working in a tropical fish
store.  I was wondering if anyone has any extra sword plants they would
consider selling? let me know.

Gary Plano Jr.
jettat19 at mail_idt.net