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Blue-Green Remedy?

Thought this was interesting so decided to forward it.   -Cynthia

>Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 14:37:05 -0500
>From: "McLaughlin, Scott" <SMcLaughlin at hilliard_com>
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>To: cyn at metronet_com
>Subject: Blue-Green Remedy?
>I do not subscribe to the list, and was hoping you could forward this
>for me. In reading the archives I have noticed a lot of people seem to
>be slaving at ridding themselves of Blue-Green algae. Through my
>experience with reef tanks I came across a product called "Poly-Ox" by
>Kent Marine. In the marine hobby it is sometimes used to get rid of "red
>slime algae" with allegedly great success. Recently a friend of mine
>whom I convinced to switch to plant tanks encountered a Blue-Green algae
>problem that he could not shake with erythromiacin (sp?). I suggested
>that he try the Poly-Ox and increase his water circulation (another
>trick from the marine side of things). He used it in a decreased dosage,
>and added another small power filter (he was using an Aquaclear Mini on
>a 29 gallon tank). The results were great. The algae was gone after a
>second treatment (at slightly less than the recommended dose), and the
>increase in circulation appears to have kept it from making a come back.
>It has been over three months and this tank is still algae free.
>Scott McLaughlin
>SMcLaughlin at hilliard_com
>P.S. The dosage we used was lowered based on advice given to me by the
>guy who told me about the product, I dont know what a full dose would do
>to plants.