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Re: Baking Soda to adjust ph

I have used baking soda as a kH buffer for as long as I can remember and
there are no negative effects so far except that when your C02 runs out, pH
of the water can rise to as much as 7.8, making danger from ammonia
poisoning very high.

>The ph of my 55 gallon planted tanks drop from 6.8 ( mixed with 7.6 tap ) to
>as low as 6.0 in the 10 to 15 days between 30 % water changes. The first
>I was at my new location, I didn't have time for any changes, and the ph
>dropped to 5.4 in one tank ! !   Of course , I try to avoid abrupt changes in
>ph as much as possible.
>I was wondering if there any negative effects of adding baking soda or a
>buffer to increase the ph other than sudden change in ph ?
>My 2 planted tanks have about 70 plants between them, and only about 30 small
>fish. Any further information would be appreciated.

Calvin Chin