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re: Light Levels

<Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 16:07:58 +0200
From: "Phillip Hansen" <skilphil at zenertech_com>
Subject: Light Levels

I have a 10g in which the plants are thriving (eventually). One thing I have
noticed is that the internode length of some of the plants is longer closer
to the gravel and shorter closer to the surface. Is this due to low light
(15w) which makes the plants grow faster towards the light and then return
to normal growth? Or is it something else or is it normal?

I too have a 10g with a 15W and am experiencing the same phenomena,
expecially with a Hydrocotyle v. . BTW I'm thinking the level is becoming
a limiting factor now that some plants has expanded nicely and started to
shade each other. more, brown algae is diffusing on most of plant leaves.
I suppose this is a symptom of too high levels of nitrate and phosphate and
low light level. unfortunately my tap water is 'naturally' rich of 
those nutrients
so I can only chase algae away improving the plant metabolism, IMHO.
(I don't like any of the algae eaters).
in north Italy where it finally rained after 40 days