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Re: Native plants/fish

> From: Oliver D Wong <gt5071c at prism_gatech.edu>
> Subject: Re: Native plants/fish
> Jeff,
> Have you checked out the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga?  Last time I
> was there, 8 months ago, they had several exhibits on the native fish of
> the Southeast.  I can't recall what species were in there now.  The
> docents that I talked to seemed quite knowledgeable.  However, it is
> difficult to talk to them during the weekend/holiday crowds.  I don't know
> if they have a website or not. 

They do have a website.  You'd never guess it, though!  
www.tennis.org is the address.  I also have some Snappy-ized pictures
from my trip there available on my web page at 

I visited in early August, 1997, and found it a great place to see 
native (and non-native) fish and amphibians--and turtles, the special
emphasis at the time.  There weren't a lot of plants, however.

 John Pitney         pitney at uiuc_edu