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Plant growth & physical damage to tank structure

Dear List

I hope this question is not too dumb but I would appreciate some
comments (for my nerves).  About 8 months ago I planted Nuphar japonicum
in the middle of a 4 ' tank.  It grew very well and what is now quite a
hefty plant tilted over sideways and started growing laterally.  I left
the plant alone as it has a good effect in the tank.  It has now reached
the side and the growing tip is pressing up against the side of the
glass.  My question is - will the growing force of the plant damage the
structure of the tank ie like tree roots on pavements (sidewalks) - or
will it just travel around the edge?  I suppose there is always a
constant jumble of roots pressing against the bottom and side of tanks -
but as I do not see them, they cause me no anxiety!

Many thanks (hope the room is dry when I get home tonight!)