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Re: Native Plants/fish

Jeff wrote:

<< Is there a web site that list and maybe has photos of plants (and fish)
> native to the South East? Specifically the Tennessee River. I have been
> tossing around the idea of doing a tank that has native fish and plants
> since I live on the Tennessee river. I have spent a good bit of time looking
> and have not found anything that really lists what is in the river. I
> thought TVA would have that but no luck there. Maybe someone knows where I
> might get this information snail mail? >>

The Audobon Field Guides people make an excellent index of Native fishes
available at the local Book store.  Since you live on the river, whatever
plants you find on the river are what grows there.  Between the Audobon Guide
and your own observations, you shoule be able to establish an idea of what
your tank could stock.  Water tests from the riverbank will establish pH,
Temp, and hardness. State Fish and game regulations differ from state to
state, so check with the local game warden aboiut what fish you can or cannot
keep.  You can probably keep all the darters and minnows you can catch, and
possibly also sunfishes and rock cats/madtoms.  Any greenery you dredge up on
your canoe paddle counts as native.

Bob Dixon