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Re: wanted: plants that don't die! and fancy guppies

> Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 21:52:03 -0800
> From: ucmagguy at inetworld_net
> I know, I know, all plants will die if you try hard enough. What I am 
> looking for are plants that can grow very very very easily. I decided to
> try raise quality guppies this summer, so I am trying to gather as much
> information as I can. I need any plant that will provide sheltering places
> for baby guppies. I am considering java moss and water sprite, any comments
> or suggestions? I would light and DIY CO2, but what I would like more is 
> to keep it as simple as possible.

Water sprite, grown as a floating plant, will do fine with 1 watt per gallon
or somewhat less.  Hornwort and Java moss need even less light.  It will
all grow faster given more light, but then you will have to thin it frequently.
At one watt per gallon you will probably produce enough water sprite to
trade for all the food the guppies can eat and then some, despite the speed
that guppies can breed and even if you feed tehm goodies like frozen brine 
shrimp.  Don't bother with CO2 - it is not going to be a limiting factor
unless you use 3watts/gallon or more, and dimmer light will help the fry hide.
You may want to read the stuff on the Viviparous web site about plants for
livebearer tanks (http://home.clara.com/xenotoca).

> Anyone by any chance will be having some really nice delta tailed guppies? 

There are some breeders on the web.  Search on "guppies" or follow links.